Can’t Buy Class

In the latest installment of “Athletes Behaving Badly”, (former) Minnesota Vikings Wide Receiver Randy Moss proves himself to be more than a guy who simply made a mistake.  He invites us into the inner-workings of a man who is nothing more than a straight-up creep.

During a team meal, following last Friday’s practice, Moss went on a tirade about the quality of the buffet, to the point of belittling the local caterer (who was present) and producing a bewildered/WTF look upon the faces of teammates.  Upon casting his eyes on the spread, Moss yelled out, “Who ordered this [crap]?! I wouldn’t feed this to my dog!”, and could later be heard at his locker saying something to the effect of, “I used to have to eat that stuff, but now I have money.”  In case you’re wondering, the teammate who witnessed and recounted Randy’s actions seemed thoroughly impressed with his meal.

I understand that athletes are indeed human, but the fact that he threw a hissy-fit and basically brushed off this catered dinner as “beneath him”, paints a picture of the type of person Moss really is – someone with no concept of how to treat others, especially those whom he deems inferior to himself.  This is not only an unfortunate side of some athletes and entertainers who feel they’ve earned the right to dismiss the common folk, it is also a painful reality of our society.  Too many travel through life with this nauseating sense of entitlement that reserves them the right to degrade, embarrass and disrespect, with little or no concept of how small they make themselves appear.

I am of the ilk that you “treat the janitor just as well as you would the CEO”, and hold firm the concept of the Golden Rule.  Whether a dignitary, a multi-million-dollar-athlete, or just some guy without two dimes to rub together, I’ll treat you with respect – until you give me reason not to. 

Now I’ve never met Randy Moss, but I’ve already heard enough to know that I would never really care to.  He may be big time, but he and those who conduct themselves in that manner are miniscule in my book.


One response to “Can’t Buy Class

  1. Good post. His behavior is that of a small man.

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